BPW Lausanne Round Table – Impressions

Table Ronde BPW Lausanne - Impressions

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[Par Emma H] Polyquity Went to the roundtable held on October 11th by Business and Professional Women Lausanne. Together we discussed the question, « What does it mean to be successful in your career? »

The roundtable was moderated by Camille Andres, creator of femmesleaders.ch in 2017 with the support of Tamedia, hosting three women; BPW members.

  • Pauline Burgener, Doctor of Biology, CEO & Founder Dr Burgener Switzerland
  • Jacqueline de Quattro, State Councillor, Head of the Department of Land and Environment
  • Cécile Dussart, Vice President Operation Nestlé Skin Health

They spoke to us about their opinions and experiences as women with their careers and the working world.


The evening started with a presentation of the Network by the President of BPW Lausanne, Rodica Rosu Fridez, on the right of the picture. We then discovered the history and the actions of BPW, to be rediscovered in our article 1000 women in management in 2030.

The debate was first oriented on quotas and whether they were necessary in their opinion. Overall, they agreed that quotas should not be the only reason for hiring a woman, and that many women unfortunately do not dare to apply for certain positions. Not because of a lack of skills, but simply because some women want to work part-time, and with a position of duty this requires compromises. Thus, for positions with great responsabilities, many more men apply than women.

Afterwards, success in the world of work and its obstacles were discussed. Indeed, for a women, motherhood is seen as a great obstacle to their career. First of all because childcare facilities are not adapted, young fathers cannot take paternity leave and part-time work for men is not very widespread and accepted. It is complicated today as a woman to juggle this while knowing a man does not need to ask himself the same question.

Finally, they talked about the support they received to succeed in their carreers. They had a lot of support from their families, especially their parents who took care of their grandchildren when necessary. They also emphasized the importance of networks and mentors to boost opportunities. They note, however, the presence of rivalry among women, a real problem!

Following this exchange, it is clear women can manage both a career and a family life, but obstacles direct them towards family, and men toward their career.

The conference in a few figures : :

In the Swiss National Council, 67 out of 200 representatives are women
In the Swiss council of State, 7 out of 46 representatives are women
80% of mothers work part-time
60% of women work part time
In Switzerland ⅓ of university women born between 1960 and 1964 have no children
Women spend an avergae of 1,5 hours more on household tasks than men

We also note the official creation of the Young BPW Lausanne branch during this event. This section is aimed at young women who wish to take their career to the next level and take advantage of the expertise available through the network. We should like to congratulateSamira Amicone and Alma Moya Losada


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